His Holiness Haladhar Swami Maharaj

His Holiness Haladhar Swami Maharaj


Param Pujya Haladhar Swami Maharaj

Param Pujya Haladhar Swami Maharaj was born and brought up in Odisha. Very inquisitive to know the essence of life and the ultimate truth, Maharaj renounced his family and home at a very young age to become a monk by completely dedicating his life at the feet of the Lord and in 1992 became the head of the devotees of ISKCON Bhubaneswar. get in contact. Subsequently, Maharaj received initiation in 1993 from his most adored Gurudev, Sri Srimad Gaur Govind Swami Maharaj, who is a very outstanding Vaishnava, an ardent preacher and one of Srila Prabhupada's dearest and most secret servants. After receiving permission from his Guru, Maharaj took the leadership of the 'Traveling Sankirtan' service and went to different places in Orissa to preach the divine teachings of the Lord.

Halyuddha Das, as Maharaj was known during his celibate life, was commissioned by his guru to preach the message of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and after the disappearance of his guru, Sri Srimad Gaur Govind Swami Maharaj in 1996, Maharaj fulfilled this mandate. Made my life and everything.

He then accepted the service of the 'head-priest' at the Krishna-Balarama temple in Bhubaneswar, but being well versed in the scriptures, Maharaj used to deliver highly esoteric discourses from a spiritual perspective, which penetrated and converted an infinite number of listeners. . As a result, seeing this, he was engaged in the propaganda service. After this, with the blessings and orders of Param Pujya Srila Radha Govind Swami Maharaj, Maharaj started giving Bhagwat-Saptah, in which he used to present Gaudiya Vaishnava Darshana and principles and opinions given by Acharyas as they are and did not compromise even in the slightest.

His erudition, divine spiritual realization and especially his humble nature won many hearts due to which he was invited to speak at various places in Odisha. At present, Maharaj tours the whole world and preaches to nurture the devotees in the life of devotion, as a result of which his unwavering faith in the words of his own Gurudev and Acharyas has provided real life in devotional life to thousands of devotees in India and all over the world. Have done Seeing his unwavering devotion, loyalty and dedication, on March 20, 2016, he was granted sannyas in Bhubaneswar by Param Pujya Srila Radha Govind Swami Maharaj.

For the last 30 years of his devotional life, Maharaj leads a very simple life and gives utmost importance to Sri Guru and Vaishnava service. At the same time, he inspires the entire devotee-society to develop strong faith in the words of Sadhu-Guru and to become a serious and devoted seeker of Krishna consciousness.

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HH Haladhara Swami Maharaj is one of the foremost disciples of Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja.

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